How to get Mythical Pity in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

You will no longer need to spend billions of yen for one of the game’s strongest characters.

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One of the best types of characters to have on your Anime Fighters team is undoubtedly a Mythical Pity. These high-level team members can do hundreds of damage per move, but you’ll need to put in the work to obtain such powerful allies. Luckily, instead of having to waste crafting resources for a shot at a Mythical Pity, there is one way that can guarantee you one.

Where to purchase Mythical Pity

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The most popular route for obtaining a Mythical Pity is through purchasing stars, which then rip open to reveal characters that span from Common to even Secret Pity. Star shops can be discovered via each town’s hub area, but star prices vary depending on which town you are buying. In most cases, you’ll likely want to buy from the Super Island star shop, as it will only charge you 80 yen per star.

How to get a guarenteed Mythical Pity

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After purchasing a star at a certain shop’s location, you’ll see a meter counting how many stars you’ve bought. Reaching a total of 100 will net a Legendary Pity, but doing this 4,000 times over will reward you with a Mythical Pity. Although it sounds daunting, press the auto-buy button (as shown above), and stars will continue to be purchased until the Mythical Pity is rewarded.

For players with limited inventories, you’ll most likely want to enable the auto-sell feature (found in the Settings tab) for at least all of your Common Pity. If this isn’t turned on, auto-purchasing will eventually halt and alert you when your inventory is completely full.

How to earn yen for stars quickly

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When pulling this process off at the Super Island star shop, you will need to have a total of 328,000 yen. To save time, be sure to defeat enemies from higher-level towns, as they typically drop the most money. Beginner players may want to start fighting in areas like the low-level Crazy Town, as there are bosses holding thousands of yen sitting at the far end of the map.

Lastly, we also recommend checking the upgrades tab to see if any challenges have been recently completed. If so, you can claim boosts such as increased chances of pulling a Legendary or Mythic Pity or even additional yen when defeating enemies.