How to get noticeable change and metamorphosis resources in Loop Hero

Did you notice a distinct chage?

Image via Gamepur

When you place down the tile cards surrounding the path you’re walking in Loop Hero, you acquire precious resources that you can combine to take back to your camp to construct buildings. These buildings are useful to making it easier to survive the endless combat in Loop Hero and unlocking new mechanics. A specific resource that you’re going to need to make these buildings will be metamorphosis, and you acquire this by combining the noticeable change resource. The noticeable change has a random chance of popping up, but it primarily appears when you combine tiles by putting them together. This happens when you surround a treasury tile or by creating a mountain peak.

You can complete a treasury tile by placing it down when you draw that card after defeating an enemy and then surrounding it with Meadows, Rock, and Mountain cards. Each time you place a card around a treasury, you receive that tile’s natural resource, plus a random one. Once you surround the treasury tile, you’ll receive an assortment of noticeable change resource cards. These are random, however, because of the nature of the treasury card.

The other method is to create a Mountain Peak region. You can do this much like how you complete a treasury card. You need to set a Mountain card at the center of a three-by-three tile and then surround that Mountain card with others like it or Rock cards. When it is surrounded, it forms a Mountain Peak region. Your hero receives 150 health, and a harpy will appear somewhere in your loop every two days. By having that Mountain Peak region finished, you also receive a large supply of pebbles and noticeable change.

Image via Gamepur

Once you have 20 noticeable change resource cards, those become metamorphosis. You can take those back to your camp building tile and use those to set down new buildings, giving you access to more cards for your deck.