How to get Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise

Time to craft your customized armor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With update 2.0 in Monster Hunter Rise, players can now equip and craft layered armor for themselves their companions. Layered armor is an armor that is purely cosmetic and does not influence your character’s stats. You can give them an assortment of armor or create your favorite set. Underneath the layered armor is your actual armor that contains all of your stats. When you’re ready to craft layered armor for yourself or your companions, you can speak to the smithy to have the work done. However, each piece of layered armor requires you to turn in an Outfit Voucher.

You can receive Outfit Vouchers by completing hunts and accepting high-rank monster contracts. After finishing a Hunter Rank seven quests, we received our first one, an Almudron, which was one of the standard monsters that were available in the base Monster Hunter Rise release. You can see the Outfit Voucher was one of the bonus quest rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We only received a single Outfit Voucher after completing the quest. It looks like if you want to unlock multiple layered armor sets for your Hunter, you’re going to need to accept multiple quests. Each piece of layered armor takes an Outfit Voucher, along with any piece of the monster you want to wear, so you’ll already have to accept monster quests if there are specific pieces you want to add to your collection.

Both standard layered armor and layered armor for your companions require one Outfit Voucher.