How to get Overwatch League Tokens in Overwatch 2

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The Overwatch League is about as big time as it gets in the esports scene for the game. A full season and playoff format designed around teams from around the world has allowed a lot of people to become massive fans of their hometown team. If you are an Overwatch League watcher, you will also want to consider getting some of the jerseys or other exclusive skins for your favorite heroes in Overwatch 2. Here is how you can get some Overwatch League Tokens and get them.

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How to get Overwatch League Tokens in Overwatch 2

There are two ways to get Overwatch League Tokens in Overwatch 2, buy them or earn them by watching games. You can purchase them in-game for the following prices:

  • 100 – $5.99
  • 200 – $11.99
  • 400 – $23.99
  • 900 – $47.99
  • 2,600 – $119.99

If you are looking to get the Tokens for free, you will need to link your account to YouTube. Start by going to your YouTube Account Sharing page. Make sure you are signed into the right page and click on Connect under the section. This will open up a new tab to sign in to and approve the connection through them.

After the approval is through, you are good to go. All you need to do is watch Overwatch League live streams directly through the YouTube site on a browser or in the mobile app. You gain rewards for the hours you spend watching, which should be deposited into your account within a couple of days. You can get five per hour, so you could just have it up in the background while you do other things to earn them.

When you get your Tokens, make your way to the Shop in Overwatch 2. Tab over to the Overwatch League section, and you can see some exclusive skins that are uniquely made with feedback from the pros and community. At the bottom of the page, you can look through the various Overwatch League teams and see the home and away skins you can buy.