How to get past cracked walls in Journey to the Savage Planet

Cracked walls can hide some nice surprises.

Journey to the Savage Planet

In Journey to the Savage Planet, cracked walls can hide secrets. These cracked walls are all over the game and are easy to see thanks to the orange glow coming off the cracked areas. What is a little more complicated is figuring out how to get past them.

Thankfully, the Savage Planet provides in the form of Bombergranate. These explosive fruits are perfect for getting past these walls, at the resources and secrets that lie beyond.


Bombergranates are large purple plants and will drop fruit if you interact with them, or hit them. After five seconds, the fruit will explode, giving you a minimal window to get it to the cracked wall and throw it. You can throw the item just like any other left-hand object in the game. Hold Q on keyboard, or R1/RB on consoles, then release to send the fruit on its way.

At the start of the game, you will need to be very careful, as the fruit explodes with such force that it will nearly kill you if you are holding it. Later in the game, you can get a Bombergranate Stabilizer upgrade through the 3D printer in your ship. Until then, you will need to very careful and throw the fruit early if it turns out the cracked wall is too far away.

When you throw the fruit at the cracked wall, it will explode, breaking through and allowing you to get at the resources within.