How to get Peaches to your yard in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Want to get Peaches to your yard in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector? This is how!

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Peaches is the white whale of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. Players have been trying to get a picture of this elusive cat for a long time.

First of all, Peaches is a rather shy cat who doesn’t come around all that often. And when she does, she often stays for a very short amount of time. Her power level is pretty low, which means that if another cat is using a toy or object she likes, she is unlikely to fight for it, instead choosing to leave the yard. Which makes it hard to get a picture for your Catbook.

Attracting Peaches to your yard isn’t a precise art but there are certain things you can do to help increase your chances of getting her to your yard.

Know what Peaches looks like

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You’ll want to know what Peaches looks like so you can identify her when she comes into your yard. Peaches is a calico cat and can easily be mixed up when other calico cats. However, her base color is cream, not white, which is the identifying characteristic you can use immediately. In addition, she has a heart on her left side, so if she is facing you, it will be on the right. There are also spots on her right eye and the tip of her tail.

Get a large yard

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With Peaches’ low power level, she isn’t going to assert herself over other cats to use a toy she likes. If your yard is small, there will be less space for her to find a place to hang out. This is why having a large yard is important to attracting Peaches. With a larger yard, you can be sure that if Peaches wanders into your yard, she will be able to find herself a corner to settle down and stay for a bit.

Check often

Peaches’ visits aren’t the longest so be sure to check in with your yard often and make sure you don’t miss her.

Use Her Favorite Toys


Peaches doesn’t seem to be a very picky cat and really enjoys just about anything. However, there are some toys that she seems to be the most fond of and those are the Cat Metropolis, the Twisty Rail, and the Cat Pancake. She is also quite fond of cushions and hammocks. She really seems to enjoy lounging around more than playing with toys so make sure there are plenty of spaces for her to do that in your yard.

Use High-Quality Food

The higher-quality foods will attract more cats to your yard, increasing the odds that Peaches will be one of the those cats to come. Specifically, use Deluxe Tuna Bitz, as that will draw in A LOT of cats to your yard, so, again, make sure your yard is plenty spacious.

Don’t Give Up if You Miss Her

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It may be defeating to see that you have missed one of her short visits, but don’t stop trying to get her to come. Though it isn’t official, it seems that Peaches likes to visit in bunches, meaning that if you miss her, odds are she will be back sooner rather than later. But if you miss her several times in a row, she could disappear for days at a time, so be sure to check back in often!

When it comes down to it, getting Peaches to come to your yard is about playing the odds and maximizing your chances to attract her.

It may take some time and it may not be the easiest thing, but with these guidelines and a little luck, you can snag that picture of Peaches you’ve been wanting for so long. Better yet, you can take solace in knowing you have something many other players do not.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is available now on PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.