How to Get Perfect IVs in Pokémon Sword and Sheild


Trainers who are going to go above and beyond with their Pokémon training, they’re on the hunt for acquiring a roster with perfect Individual Values (IVs). They’re instrumental in Pokémon Sword and Shield. A Pokémon with a series of perfect IVs is going to have the best stats for that species of Pokémon. If you want the best line up, you’re on the search for them, and getting all six of the available stats to have perfect IVs is going to take time.

Before you go down this path, you’re going to want to reach the end of the game. By completing the game, you’re going to gain access to the IV judge, which is going to inform you of the quality of a Pokémon’s stats. It’s in your Pokémon Box, and when you’re hovering over the one you want to learn about, you can hit the “+” button. Here are the details the IV judge give you:

  • No Good: 0
  • Decent: 1 to 10
  • Pretty Good: 11 to 20
  • Very Good: 21 to 29
  • Fantastic: 30
  • Best: 31

You’re only going to read the words next to a Pokémon’s stats. Of the ones listed, you want a Pokémon to have “Best,” to have a perfect IV.

To give yourself a leg up, rather than blindly searching around for Pokémon to provide you with the best IVs, you want to look for the ones with a strange orange aura around them. You will know them when you spot them. If you defeat them, you’re going to receive a sizeable amount of Watts for taking them out. However, you want to capture these Pokémon because they have three random perfect IVs on their profile.

The next step requires you to go out and capture a Ditto. A Ditto is essential because it’s going to give you access to always having the ability to breed a Pokémon when you want to get an egg. Rather than capturing two of the same species of Pokémon every time you want a perfect IV for an egg they have together, you have a Ditto who can transform into that respective Pokémon, cutting the work down in half for you. The hard part is capturing a Ditto with ideal IVs, so this could take you a little time. It’s well worth it in the end.

To capture a Ditto, you need to find one in the Lake of Outrage location in the Wild Area. You’re going to need the Rotom Bicycle with the ability to ride on water, which you acquire while traveling through Route 9 from a Scientist being harrassed by two Team Yell members.

After you’ve acquired the Ditto, you want to grab the Destiny Knot item. You can find it in the Hammerlocke Pokémon Center shop, but it only unlocks once you’ve completed the game. It’s going to cost 10 Battle Points, which you earn by completing the Battle Tower at the end of the game.

With your Ditto and Destiny Knot in hand, you’re pretty close to acquiring perfect IVs for your ideal Pokémon team.

You want the Ditto to hold the Destiny Knot when you leave it at the nursery. This item ensures five IVs are passed down to the child of the two Pokémon, where traditionally, the parents only pass down three of them. For those who may have noticed, you’re not going to get six IVs straightaway. You’re going to need to do this process again and again to get all six IVs, and the sixth one is randomized.

As long as you capture a Pokémon with the orange aura, catch a strong Ditto with several perfect IVs of its own, and give the Ditto the Destiny Knot, you should be good to go. You’ll have to repeat the breeding process several times, and you rely on a lot of luck.