How to get prismatic shards in Stardew Valley

A rare, rare mineral that seldom drops.

Image via ConcernedApe

There are numerous items in Stardew Valley that you can acquire. Many of them are acquired by exploring the mines, receiving specific gifts from various friends in Pelican Town. One of the rarest materials you can receive and use in the game is a prismatic shard. There are several ways you can mine this mineral, but it’s extremely difficult, and each potential option has a pretty low chance of having a prismatic shard dropping, except for one method, but even that is pretty low. The only recipe you want to use a prismatic shard for is to make a wedding ring to ask another player’s character to marry you. There are other alternatives for it, though.

Here are all of the sources you can potentially have a prismatic shard drop in Stardew Valley.

  • Killing a Mummy (spawns in Skull Cavern)
  • Killing a Shadow Brute (spawns on mining floors 81 to 119)
  • Killing a Shadow Shaman (spawns on mining floors 81 to 119)
  • Killing the Serpent (spawns in Skull Cavern)
  • Looting a Fishing Treasure Chest (spawns when you have fishing level 6 or above)
  • Mining a Gem Node (spawns on any mining floor)
  • Mining an Iridium Node (spawns on Hill-top and Four-Corners Farm Maps)
  • Mining a Mystic Stone (Spawns on mining floors 100 to 120, has the highest chance)
  • Mining an Omni Geode (spawns on mining floors above 21)

Not every method has the chance for a prismatic shard to drop. Your best chance is to loot it from a Mystic Stone on mining floors 100 to 120. After that, killing the various monsters in Skull Cavern and mining floors 81 to 119 are also a good alternative. You might get lucky with the nodes, but those are pretty low statistics, as is looting it from a fishing treasure chest.

Overall, progressing through the mine, leveling up your combat, armor, and weapons is probably your best bet. As you gain more combat levels, you should also gain additional mining levels as you have to destroy a majority of the rocks on a floor to progress, so that should go up naturally.