How to Get The Python Gambit Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2


There’s a new selection of weapons in Destiny 2 called Ritual Weapons. You can receive them from Lord Shaxx, The Drifter, and Zavala. You have to complete their respective quests to earn these weapons.

By completing The Drifter’s quest, Get Closer, he awards you the Python shotgun. You need to do several things for The Drifter, all while playing in the game’s Gambit matches, which is an NPC and player-versus-player orientated game mode.

To complete Get Closer, you need to:

  • Land 500 Shotgun final blows
  • Land 150 close-range Shotgun final blows
  • Reach Infamy rank “Heroic” in Gambit

Shotguns are an excellent weapon for Guardians who are willing to engage their enemy in close-range combat. Most NPCs and fellow Guardians can barely withstand a point-blank hit from most Shotguns in the game. However, missing can mean the end for you, so you need to make sure every shot counts.

Those who play Gambit may find reaching rank “Heroic” will be the first thing they do while running through this quest. You only need to receive 2050 points, and winning a single match net you 120 points, whereas losing grants you 65. It shouldn’t take you too long to climb the ranks and wrap up this part of the quest.

You may find shotgun kills in Gambit don’t offer too much challenge, but don’t lower your guard. Running through the army of enemies could be a little tricky, especially if you don’t have too much friendly support. Things only become worse when an enemy Guardian invades from the other side, intent on hunting you down.

Here are the perks available for The Python:

  • Aggressive Frame
  • Smallbore
  • Extended Mag
  • Overflow or Feeding Frenzy
  • Shield Disorient or One-Two Punch
  • Reload Masterwork