How to get red eggs in Pokémon Go – Strange Eggs

What a strange egg.

There are several eggs you can acquire in Pokémon Go. When you want to hatch them, they go inside an incubator and come with a specific amount of steps to bring the Pokémon out. The more steps it takes, the rarer Pokémon you can acquire, which makes the longer distances far more appealing if you want to receive some of the better Pokémon in the game, plus you can see what could be inside the egg when you click on it. One of the harder eggs to acquire is the red eggs, also known as Strange Eggs.

If you want to grab these eggs, you need to defeat one of the three Team Rocket Leaders. Their names are Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra. You can only go after them if you’ve defeated six Team Rocket grunts and acquired their mysterious components. You combine them to create a Rocket Radar, making it so you can locate the hideouts of these leaders and battle them. It’s one of those three.

After defeating one of the leaders and catching the egg, you need to make sure you have an open slot in your bag. From there, you need to have an empty incubator slot, and you can start walking to open it potentially. These eggs require 12-kilometers to hatch.