How to get Rufflet in Pokémon Go

You only have one method to encounter it.

Image via Niantic

New Pokémon are always making their way to Pokémon Go. The latest to join ahead of schedule is Rufflet, the Normal and Flying-type Pokémon first seen in the Unova region in the Black and White version games. Initially, the Pokémon was going to make its debut in the Philadelphia Safari Zone from May 8 to the 10 but is now coming in an alternative form.

The initial plan was for Rufflet to release in the Philadelphia Safari Zone, taking place from May 8 to the 10. Now, players have the chance to encounter it was a random encounter Pokémon available in the Battle League. Those who participated in Season 1 of the Battle League could potentially encounter this Pokémon if they were rank 4 or above.

For Season 2 of the Battle League, trainers now need to be rank 8 or above to encounter Rufflet. You need to be rank 8 or above to have Rufflet be in your pool of random Pokémon, and if you dip below this rank, you won’t have the chance to capture it potentially.

Rufflet has a max CP of 1491, an attack of 150, a defense of 97, and a stamina of 172. However, if you have enough Rufflet candies, you can evolve it into Braviary, which has a max CP of 3,088, an attack of 232, a defense of 152, and a stamina of 225. It’s not the best option for the Great or Ultra League, but it’s a decent choice against particular raid Pokémon. The best moveset for Braviary includes air slash and rock slide or air slash and brave bird.

The Season 2 of Pokémon Go’s Battle League was set to start on May 1 but has been delayed. It will have a new starting point, but once it does kick-off, you can expect to rank up and increase your chances to capture Rufflet and add them to your collection.