How to get scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island

Complete your first objective to move on with your Monkey Island adventure.

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Return to Monkey Island has been making rounds for its amazing world and brain-tingling puzzles. One such puzzle that players will encounter at the very beginning of the game is to get the scurvydogs. To get the scurvydogs, you will need to do a few basic tasks. Here is how to get the scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island.

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Where to find scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island

When the game begins, you will find yourself in an open area with a shop on the right. Your friend will ask you to get yourself some scurvydogs from the shop. Get inside the shop by clicking on the door and then talk to the owner standing at the counter. When you ask him for scurvydogs, he will immediately say no; instead, the owner will ask you to bring him some money for the scurvydogs.

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After that, look for the key on the left of your screen inside the shop. It’s attached to a leg, and there will a note pinned above it. If you click on that note, the shop owner will warn you to return the key after using it. After that, pick up the key and open your inventory. Click on the key and choose to examine it outside.

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Outside, look for the outhouse, at the right of your screen. Click on the door to get inside it. Inside, there will be a few things to interact with but none of them will help you get any money. On the floor, look for a piece of metal, called Slug. Interact with and then pick it up.

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Now return to the shop and talk to the shop owner. This time, you will have the option to give the owner the coin, and after examining the coin, the owner will give you the scurvydogs. Once you get scurvydogs, you will fulfill your first objective in Return to Monkey Island.