How to get seeds for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Rover’s Garden Safari


To play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new event Rover’s Garden Safari, you’ll need seeds to plant new flowers.

The three new seeds are red dahlia seeds, blue dahlia seeds, and white dahlia seeds. Each of the new seeds grows special flowers that attract rare butterflies. Only red dahlia and blue dahlia seeds are available in Pocket Camp right now, but the white dahlia seeds will become available when part two of the event.

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You can purchase blue dahlia seeds from Lloid for 80 bells, but they’re also available by fulfilling animal requests. Red dahlia seeds are a bit more rare and cannot be purchased from Lloid. There is one event challenge that will award red dahlia seeds, and that’s for harvesting flowers 10 times. Likewise, by sharing butterflies with friends, you can earn red dahlia seeds and friend powder from Rover.

Rover’s Garden Safari will continue in Pocket Camp until Jan. 22. Part two of the event begins on Jan. 17, but tasks from the second half can still be completed when the second stage starts.

There’s a lot of new furniture and items to be unlocked with the event, all of which are only available for its duration. You know what that means—get collecting!