How to get servants in V Rising

The more, the merrier.

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What good is being an immortal vampire lord in V Rising without having a couple of servants to do your bidding? Getting servants in V Rising can be a straightforward affair once you get far enough in the game’s guided progression, but the tips go away after you complete the process once.

In order for players to have humans turn into servants or thralls, for a vampire lords’ bidding, first the power must be unlocked. A power called ‘Dominating Presence’ will be unlocked as players progress through the game mechanics tutorial in the top left, giving players a new ability to ultimately turn humanoids into thralls.

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When selecting Dominating Presence, the player is still able to control their character fully to include offensive and defensive capabilities. A new ability, ‘Kiss of the Vampire’, is available and default-bound to the ‘R’ key. This is a channeled projectile spell that, after hitting an enemy humanoid, takes five seconds for them to succumb to the will of the vampire. During the channeling, the targeted humanoid will continue to attack the player until the channel completes, at which point they become passive and will follow the player. Charmed enemies will not join the vampire in combat of any form; the unit is entirely passive, and it cannot be hit by a vampire’s attacks.

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Once a humanoid has succumbed to the vampire’s will, players will note that the power ‘Kiss of the Vampire’ has shifted to a ‘Release Target’ spell. Holding down ‘R’ when a humanoid is under the influence of a vampire will release it from the vampire’s grasp, killing it immediately.

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Bring the enchanted humanoid back to your lair, and to a Servant Coffin. The Servant Coffin will inform players as to which buffs will be available if the enchanted humanoid is turned thrall. The player will need to wait one hour and thirty minutes for the transformation to be completed. Additional thrall spots can be created by upgrading the Castle Heart.