How to get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise

Sounds like an interesting outfit.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is filled with different resources, items, and things to find. Some of them, admittedly, much harder to come across than others. One of the tougher things to find is Sinister Cloth, an incredibly rare item that players will want to get their hands on for the late game.

Getting Sinister Cloth is pretty random, unfortunately, but in this guide, we will show you how to do it. To start, you will need to make your way to Buddy Plaza, and speak with Feyline, who looks after the Meowcenaries.

You can hire the Meowcenaries with Kamura Points, and send them scouting out into an area to find resources. The route will have five stops, and the Meowcenary will progress along a single stop for each quest that you do. When your quest is over, you can return to Feyline and collect the rewards from that step.

When selecting which route to take, you want to go with any one that has a shining node, denoted by small sparkle-like markers. The sparkle will appear beside the name of the region on the left, and on the specific node within that region, so make sure you pick the correct route.

After that, you need to pick a Meowcenary to send, so make sure you have hired some extra ones from Iori at Buddy Plaza. Then, play through missions and check your rewards each time, when you get to the sparkling node, you have a chance of getting a very rare resource like Sinister Cloth.

The drop chance appears to be small, so you want to ensure you always have Meowcenaries out looking for these rare items, or else you may never get your hands on Sinister Cloth at all.