How to Get a Sinnoh Stone and Unova Stone in Pokémon Go Evolution Event

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is celebrating unique evolutions through an Evolution Event, highlighting the creative ways Pokémon evolve throughout the series. Several of these evolutions sometimes require the trainer to increase the happiness of a Pokémon, while others require a particular stone.

In this event, you have the chance to acquire two special stones, the Unova Stone and the Sinnoh Stone. Trainers will need these to evolve specific Pokémon in their party to Sinnoh and Unova region-specific transformations.

Luckily, trainers shouldn’t have too difficult of time acquiring these useful stones and using them on their favorite Pokémon. You receive these by going through the research tasks in the Evolution Event.

You receive a Sinnoh stone by completing the research task of hatching seven Pokémon eggs, and you receive the Unova stone by winning three battles against Team GO Rocket Leaders.

You can likely complete these tasks at once because it takes a bit of legwork to locate a Team GO Rocket Leader, so make sure you have several incubators handy and have some low distance Pokémon eggs you can throw into them.

The Evolution Event continues until Dec. 12 at 1pm PST.