How to get Soul Fragments in Sea of Thieves

Destroy the undead for some sweet loot.

Sea of Thieves Season 1 is kicking into gear with the all-new event challenge, Champions of Souls. The Order of Souls is recruiting pirates to decimate the undead forces haunting the Sea of Thieves and to collect the Soul Fragments left behind. Doing so will reward you with all-new exclusive weapons from the Order.

Collecting Fragments

Soul Fragments will be collected automatically when a player defeats an undead enemy. However, these won’t be collected from every simpleton skeleton that you find around the islands. Only from tough enemies will you be able to collect the fragments. Not all pirates return from the dead equally; different undead variations grant different amounts of Soul Fragments. Here is the breakdown of the different amounts of fragments you can collect.

  • Ghost Ship (Flameheat battle/Ghost Ship Voyage) – 2 Soul Fragments
  • Skeleton Captain (Bounty Voyage/normal encounter) – 10 Soul Fragments
  • Shen Guardian/Ashen Key Master – 25 Soul Fragments
  • Skeleton Lord (Found in Skeleton Forts) – 50 Soul Fragments
  • Ashen Lord – 50 Soul Fragments
  • The Burning Blade (Flameheart’s Flagship) – 50 Soul Fragments

Encountering multiple Flameheart battles may be the best bet to complete this challenge quickly. The massive amount of Ghost Ships found during a battle, on top of the bonus 50 fragments for destroying the Burning Blade, should be the quickest collection method. A successful battle with Flameheart should give pirates at least 70 soul Fragments.

Order of Souls weaponry

To collect all of the weapons and a special commendation, players will have to collect 500 Soul Fragments starting February 4. However, you will have to act quickly. Pirates will only have four days to collect these souls and earn these special weapons as the event ends on February 8.