How to Get Squid Ink in Stardew Valley


Squid Ink is a useful resource if you plan to do some tailoring or dye some clothing in Stardew Valley. Both of the methods call for thinking outside of the box.

An excellent method to acquire this useful resource is to visit the mines and find them off of Squid Kids. The Squid Kids look like small pink heads with a human face, and they typically shoot out fireballs. Don’t let the fire alarm you because they’re fragile. A hit or two from a weapon should put them down.

However, there’s a chance of Squid Ink to drop from there. You won’t always get it, and you can only find Squid Kids past mine level 80, so it takes a great deal of time to get there. The alternative method is to catch squids by fishing.

You can fish for squish on the docks near Willy’s shop during the winter season. You need to do it at night, though. Wait until it’s a little past 7pm in the game, and start fishing for them at this hour. After you eventually get one, you don’t want to get rid of it. Instead, you want to toss it into a fish pond.

Alternatively, you have a chance of locating a squid by rummaging around Stardew Valley resident trash cans. You can use this alternative if you want to find a squid outside of the winter months.

Much like you can acquire fish roe or farm for caviar with a sturgeon, you can farm Squid Ink with a squid in a fish pond. Every few days, it leaves some available for you to harvest, making it an excellent option for one on your farm.