How to get Star Amarast in Warframe

It’s off to work we go.

In Warframe, Star Amarast is a very rare resource that players need to create themselves. It cannot be farmed and needs to be created using a blueprint and other resources. A blueprint to make Star Amarast can be purchased from Smokefinger at Fortuna for 4000 Solaris United Standing only after the player has reached the rank of Rapscallion with Solaris United.

Star Amarast is used to make Moa and K-Drive parts, melee weapons, Kitguns, and decoration, so players will have quite a few reasons to want to get their hands on it.

Star Amarast needs normal Amarast for the production process. Amarast can be found at either red or blue mineral veins on Orb Vallis using the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. It may also drop from containers on Orb Vallis, so players should make sure they destroy as many of them as possible when playing through bounties or farming other resources. If players are specifically after Amarast, it makes sense to use the Advanced Nosam Cutter from Cetus instead of the Sunpoint Plasma Drill, as it will have a small resource pool, so a great chance of finding the Amarast.

Players will need six Amarast to produce a stack of six Star Amarast in the Foundry. It will cost 5000 Credits and will take one minute to build.