How to get star coins in Star Stable

Pony up the dough.

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Like many games, Star Stable has a premium currency that players can use to purchase in-game items. For huge fans of horses, getting your animals looking well is an important part of the game.

Star Coins are used to do things like buy horses and other pets, bring horses to the vet, get stable care, change home stables and start clubs, and change your character’s appearance. There are multiple ways that players can get Star Coins in Star Stable, and you can find them all listed below.

Become a Star Rider

While the game is free to try, you can become a Star Rider and earn a set amount of Star Coins depending on how you sign up. If you sign up for one month, you will immediately get 100 Star Coins. A three-month sub will net you 300, while a lifetime sub will get you 1200. On top of that, each Saturday that you are subbed, you will get a further 100.

Purchase them

If you need additional Star Coins, you can purchase them from the Star Stable store. They will come in different amounts for a variety of costs, so be sure to read up carefully on what is on offer so you can get what you need.


The game will occasionally do giveaways on social media, so you should follow the official Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for a chance to win some. These tend to be quite rare, however.