How to get Steel Essence in Warframe

A tough road needs rewards.


Steel Essence is a new type of currency that was introduced to Warframe with the Steel Path. You can use Steel Essence to purchase a reward from Teshin, who can be found on any relay. You will have access to the Steel Path as long as you have the regular Star Chart cleared, and can play Arbitrations.

To purchase rewards from Teshin, you will need to earn Steel Essence. These can be earned in several ways, and we will update this guide with more sources for Steel Essence as we discover them.

  • Full clear all nodes on a planet on The Steel Path – 2 Steel Essence
  • Defeat an Eidolon in the new Steel Path level Eidolon hunts – 1 Steel Essence
  • Can potentially drop from Eximus enemies in Steel Path mission, at a low drop chance.
  • There have been reports that a Steel Essence can drop from enemy Syndicate troops that come after you, but we have not confirmed this yet.

The Steel Path gives you access to a new, tougher Star Chart, that has the following multipliers.

  • Enemy Level +100
  • Enemy Health + 250%
  • Enemy Shield + 250%
  • Enemy Armor +250%
  • Resource Drop Chance + 100%
  • Mod Drop Chance +100%

The enemies on these nodes are quite tough, so expect a long clear time that you are used to. Currently, it seems like the best way to earn them will actually be to clear Eximus units. Despite the low drop chance, you should run into plenty of these enemies in these higher-level missions, making them a potentially great source of Steel Essence.

You can use Steel Essence to buy the following items from Teshin:

You can use the Steel Essence to buy assorted items from Teshin, such as cosmetics and Stance Forma:

  • Bishamo Pauldrons blueprint – 15 Steel Essence
  • Bishamo Cuirass blueprint – 25 Steel Essence
  • Bishamo Helmet blueprint – 20 Steel Essence
  • Bishamo Greaves blueprint – 25 Steel Essence
  • 10000 Kuva – 15 Steel Essence
  • Relic Pack – 15 Steel Essence
  • Stance Forma – 10 Steel Essence