How to get Strategic Resources in Humankind

Acquire critical resources.

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The resources you discover throughout Humankind will prove to be extremely useful for your Empire. You can use them to build your units and improve your way of life, or you can choose to trade them with neighboring Empires to increase your relations with them while earning a good amount of income. There are Strategic Resources, and there are Luxury Resources. This guide details the use and how to get Strategic Resources in the game.

Before you’re able to acquire many of the Strategic Resources in Humankind, you’re going to need to learn the required technologies to harvest them. Many of them require specific technology trees for your cities to create certain buildings that can use them. For example, one of the starting Strategic Resources you’ll want to go after will be horses. The only way to add horses to your Empire will be to research the Domestication research. Once you have, you can build a stable for any Horses tile within a city’s territory.

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You can only acquire a Strategic Resource from a city within a territory, and you’ll have to build the structure from that same city. Establishing a city in a region is an excellent way to ensure you’ll eventually get a resource, even if you cannot acquire it when you settle the location. If you ever need to view what technologies you need to learn to acquire a resource, go to the ‘Technology Screen’ on the bottom left of the screen.

A Strategic Resource will be how you bolster your units throughout your Empire or provide specific bonuses and upgrades to your cities.