How to get the Another Pirate’s Treasure achievement in Sea of Thieves

The best way to find Treacherous Plunder.

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To get the “Another Pirate’s Treasure” achievement, you’ll need to deliver a piece of treacherous loot (aka Treacherous Plunder) to The Hunter’s Call. Treacherous Plunder can only be found by fishing in a body of water with no bait. If you have bait on your hook, you won’t find any. Cast your line, wait a while, and if you see a fish start to circle your hook, reel it back in and try again. If no fish spawns after a while, check your hook to see if you have what looks like junk on your hook.

Your main obstacle to getting Treacherous Plunder will be its dismally low spawn rate compared to the numerous fish that you’re likely to find along your journey. Depending on your luck, this could take a while, but we have the best strategies to help you succeed.

What is Treacherous Plunder?

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You’ll need to know what you’re looking for if you want to find Treacherous Plunder. These rare items can, ironically, be classified as junk. You won’t be able to put them in your inventory, so when you catch them, you’ll have to carry them around for transport like you would a normal Chest. Treacherous Plunder includes the following:

  • Old Boot
  • Old Hat
  • Old Skull
  • Fish Bones

These are the only items that can be turned in to the Hunter’s Call at Seaposts for 10 Gold each, but you can also fish up normal Wooden Planks and Ashen Keys from bodies of water if you have no bait on the hook. Since you can’t turn the latter in, though, they aren’t relevant to this achievement.

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How to find Treacherous Plunder

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The best way to find Treacherous Plunder is to fish in freshwater ponds located on select Large Islands. The pool of fish you can catch at ponds will be limited to only Pondies, and from our own experience, Treacherous Plunder seems to spawn at a higher rate at ponds (though it’s still rare). The list of islands with freshwater ponds large enough to fish in are as follows:

Crescent IsleB-9The Shores of Plenty
Mermaid’s HideawayB-13The Shores of Plenty
Hidden Spring KeepI-8The Shores of Plenty
The Crow’s Nest FortressO-17The Ancient Isles
Devil’s RidgeP-19The Ancient Isles
Kraken’s FallR-12The Wilds
The Devil’s ThirstW-21The Devil’s Roar
Cursewater ShoresY-13The Devil’s Roar
Tribute PeakY-3The Shores of Gold
Info via Sea of Thieves Wiki

It’s been reported that fishing long enough at the Shores of Gold — which you can access by going through Tall Tale 9 — will limit the pool of things you can catch to just Ashen Keys and treacherous plunder, but we haven’t tried this ourselves. Don’t put away your Fishing Rod without taking the piece of Treacherous Plunder off the line once you catch it, as doing so might despawn the item.

Once you have your Treacherous Plunder, just sail to a Seapost and sell it to a representative of The Hunter’s Call. Your achievement should unlock.