How to get the Body Rune legendary ward in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands


Screenshot by Gamepur

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There are four rune wards you can find in the Wonderlands, but the one we’re talking about now is the Body Rune. This ward restores 15% of your health each time you get a kill and increases your fire damage by 20% for a short duration. Because this is a rune ward, this effect is shared with every player in your squad. The same can be said for each of the other rune wards. Here is how you can get the Body Rune legendary ward in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Body Rune ward, like many of the legendary items in the game, is considered a world drop item. These types of items can drop from any notable loot source in the game like bosses, minibosses, Lucky Dice, and normal enemies. Pretty much anything that can drop loot can drop legendary world drop items. Luckily, there is a location where you can farm the Body Rune quite easily. It will take a while to reach though.

To farm the Body Rune, you will need to wait until you have unlocked the Chaos Chamber. The Chaos Chamber is unlocked once you beat the campaign. Once that is done, you will need to activate the secret raid boss, Bunnidhogg. To do this, you need to find the yellow rune during your Chaos Chamber run. Make sure to check each area for the rune since it can be hidden. Once activated, you will need to solve the puzzle. After the puzzle is completed, you will be able to fight Bunnidhogg at the end of your current run. Bunnidhogg has the highest chance of dropping the Body Rune, but it is also important to spend your crystals on the shield rabbit statue at the end of your run for an increased chance of getting the ward.