How to get the Carja Blazon outfit in Horizon Forbidden West

Need more tripwires? Here’s an outfit for you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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In Horizon Forbidden West, there are plenty of different outfits to choose from, each with their own benefits. One of the outfits you can get relatively early into the game, the Carja Blazon (also a returning outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn), will allow you to have up to two more traps out at a time, allowing you to plan out a hunt more easily.

Map location of the Eastern Lie Rebel Camp in Horizon: Forbidden West
Screenshot by Gamepur

This outfit becomes available after Mission 4: The Embassy, once you’re allowed passage into the Forbidden West. There is a Rebel Camp just outside of the gate to Barren Light — head over there and enter the camp, moving stealthily through the camp and taking out any enemies present, or going in boldly and getting into a huge brawl.

Gap in the wall to enter the rebel camp
Go up this gap in the wall to enter the camp.
Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a good handful of enemies here, so no matter which direction you decide to go, make sure you’re stocked up on ammo and supplies before you head in. There are multiple ways to enter the camp; the easiest way in will be through this gap in the wall with a convenient natural ramp that’s covered in tall grass. Use your Focus and tag the enemies to keep track of them, then go in and take them all out. Either way, once you’re in the camp and any lower level enemies are taken care of, shoot the ropes holding the drawbridge up to enter the Command Center in the middle.

image of the entrance to the rebel camp command center
Enter the Command Center and get ready for a fight.
Screenshot by Gamepur

There will be a miniboss of sorts here — he basically fights the same as Grudda from the end of The Embassy mission. Take him out with charged up power attacks, or use the Block Breaker and Nora Warrior combos if you’ve unlocked them. Once he’s taken care of, you’ll see the glowing purple objective markers towards the back of the Command Center.

To the left of those markers, you should see a big chest you can pry open and loot. Do so and you’ll receive the Carja Blazon. It’ll start out with decent protections against Fire and Shock damage, as well as +1 Trap Limit and +1 Skilled Salvager skill boosts, which can be very helpful to players who prefer to set traps during their hunts. Once it’s fully upgraded, you’ll get a boost to the Fire and Shock protection as well as another +1 to your Trap Limit and a +1 Quick Trapper skill weave.