How to get the Doom Defiance Title in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Make the next match incredibly difficult.


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You’ll see players with all sorts of Titles equipped in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. You earn these by playing more matches and accomplishing increasingly difficult feats during them. Some are awarded for maxing out your Style level, while others require you to win without picking up a weapon. This guide will explain how to get the Doom Defiance Title, possibly the most brutal Title to earn in the game.

Doom yourself

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The Doom Defiance Title is awarded to players that win a standard or ranked match with the Doom item equipped. You can purchase this item from the Moogle Emporium at the end of a match, but it doesn’t appear every time. So when you see it in the Moogle Emporium, you’d better buy it if you want this Title.

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Doom is an Accessory that your character will automatically equip in the next match. It adds a timer to your lifespan, meaning you need to do as much as possible to win in the next match. You’ll start the match with a timer of twelve minutes, and once it’s counted down to zero, your character will die. This is why it’s easier to earn the Doom Defiance Title in a team match because your team can carry on and win even when you’re dead. In a solo match, you don’t stand much chance of getting this Title because matches usually last longer than twelve minutes.