Tips to get the Maxed Out Title in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

The most stylish Title in the game.


Image via Square Enix

In Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, you and other Candidates in Shinra’s Soldier program compete to be the best of the best. You’re fighting to show that you can beat any other Soldier you come up against, and the game rewards you with Titles to demonstrate your skills in battle. In this guide, we’ve covered how to earn one of those Titles, Maxed Out, so you can wear it with pride.

Level up your Style

Screenshot by Gamepur

To earn the Maxed Out Title, you need to max out your Style level in a standard or ranked match. This means that within a single match, you need to earn enough experience to push your Style level as high as it will go.

Kill everything

One of the best ways to earn experience and level up your Style is by killing the small enemies around the map. These enemies include Slug Rays and Hedgehog Pies, spawn in groups of three or four. Killing these enemies helps earn more experience, which will move your level further up throughout the match. Even in the final Phase, there are still enemies to kill. If you kill enough Bombs, you may even get the elusive Bomb Blaster. 

Killing enemy players awards the most experience points. However, this isn’t quite as easy as killing the smaller enemies. But if you see enemy players while running between safe zones, firing off a few shots in the hopes of killing them will help.


You earn experience points simply by surviving in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Every new Phase you enter pushes up your Style level, helping you get close to max. Earning any other experience on top of the big drops for each Phase will see you ascend to the highest level by the end of the match, meaning you can claim this Title as a reward.