How to get the Ebon Flintlock pistol in Sea of Thieves

Celebrate the leap year weekend with rare rewards in Sea of Thieves

Screengrab via Rare

For those who enjoy perfecting their Sea of Thieves pirate outfit, you now have another chance to obtain the rare Ebon Flintlock pistol in the game. Previously, you could only receive this pistol by tuning in on specific dates to watch Inside Xbox in 2018 and 2019. You have a limited time to grab it, however.

Sea of Thieves developers Rare is celebrating the leap year weekend with the opportunity to grab the Ebon Flintlock pistol and the Obsidian fishing rod. You need to tune in to one of their verified Twitch streamers for 30 minutes at any time from Feb. 29 to Mar. 2. When you watch for the allotted time, the item becomes available to you as a Twitch drop on your account. The Ebon Flintlock appearance is available starting Mar. 1 from 10am to Mar. 2 at 10am, giving you 24 hours to grab it.

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Image via Rare

You do need to connect your Twitch account to your Sea of Thieves account to receive the item. You can do this any time after the item becomes available to you. None of the streamers on the approved list have a dedicated time they plan to stream the game, so you may need to browse through the list when the event starts to find one. When you do, flip it on, and have it running the background until you receive the item.

This is a quick event. You have 24 hours to grab the Ebon Flintlock pistol and the Obsidian fishing rod. None of these items alter the game or make you stronger than other players, but they look great.