How to get the Ebon Flintlock Pistol in Sea of Thieves

Add an essential pistol to your arsenal.

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The Ebon Flintlock Pistol is one of the most sought-after weapons in all of Sea of Thieves, and for good reason. It was initially only available to those who purchased the official Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller and was later reissued for players who watched Inside Xbox presentations in 2018 and 2019. It’s not an infrequent Twitch Drop for players who watch their favorite Sea of Thieves streamers, but the last time we got a chance was back in 2020. That changes soon.

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Gettin the Ebon Flintlock Pistol in Sea of Thieves in 2023

Anyone who wants the Ebon Flintlock now will need to tune into a Sea of Thieves stream with Drops enabled during Season Eight Community Day, which starts February 11 at 5 PM EST and runs until February 12 at 5 PM EST. You’ll need to watch any single streamer for a minimum of two hours to get the weapon, so no stream-hopping allowed. You’ll also be able to earn the Celestial Steed Sails as part of the promotion as well.

Check in on the Sea of Thieves directory regularly come the appointed time and look for any stream title that has “Drops” in it. Any content creator worth their salt will put that qualifier front and center to draw viewers in and are likely required to if they have the feature enabled.

You’ll also want the Ebon Flintlock Pistol for more reasons than its rarity. Sea of Thieves pistol iron sights have a bad habit of being either off-center or not following the model at all. The Ebon Flintlock does not have this problem. When you fire the gun, the bullet will follow the front sight exactly. That’s super helpful for grounded PvP. Beyond the weapon’s utility, it’s also one of the cleanest, best-looking guns in the game to this day and goes with almost any fashion choices you can pick for your pirate.

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Once you receive the drop, be sure to claim it on the appropriate page on Twitch. With that done, the Pistol will automatically go to your inventory in Sea of Thieves, and you can head to any Weapon Customization box and equip it as you would any other.