How to get the Egg Monitor Pokétch app in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Keep an eye on possible Pokémon eggs from wherever you are.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Nursery aways away from most of the game’s major locations, going out of your way to see if a Pokémon Egg is there can be a major hassle. However, thanks to the Pokétch, the Egg Monitor app has returned to allow trainers to check at a moment’s notice.

Despite it not being automatically added to the Pokétch, the Egg Monitor’s location is not tucked away by any means. To begin, players will need to first place a Pokémon in the Solaceon Town Pokémon Nursery, done by speaking to the woman behind the counter. After, walk over to the gentleman sitting at the table on the left side of the room and he will reward you the Egg Monitor app.

Once obtained, trainers can hold down the “R” trigger to navigate through the Pokétch device to find the Egg Monitor app installed. At first glance, only the Pokémon placed into the nursery will be present on the app. Although, if the correct Pokémon are used, players may have themselves a new egg appear in the monitor within a matter of hours.

Of course, the best way to obtain in egg is through giving the Nursery a male and female of the same Pokémon. Like in previous installments, those who’ve found Ditto can also pair it with most Pokémon to create an adorable offspring.

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