How to get the Fallout Doesn’t Let You do This achievement in High on Life – How to kill Slumsley

That doesn’t happen often.

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High on Life is a strange game that is filled with all kinds of crazy humor and wacky material that sets it apart from other games in the shooter genre. With a creator like Justin Roiland, it should come as no surprise that High on Life pushes some boundaries and balances on a tightrope between what type of content is okay and not. In a move that makes this game stand out (for better or worse), you can kill a child named Slumsley and get an achievement for it. This guide will show you how to get the Fallout Doesn’t Let you Do This achievement in High on Life.

How to find and kill Slumsley in High on Life

The Fallout Doesn’t Let You do This achievement is obviously a stab at games developed by Bethesda like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout and their invincible children. Each game has children that are completely protected from damage which has led to whole compilations of players trying to take these bosses down. Pretty early on in High on Life, you run into a kid named Slumsley. Killing him will get you the achievement you are looking for.

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After progressing through the game a bit and entering Blim City, you will get tasked with going to the Slums and taking down 9-Torg. Immediately after entering the Slums, your path will get blocked by an alien child named Slumsley. Each time you walk into him, he will push you away and mock you. You can easily walk around him if you so choose. If not, you can aim your gun at him, but Kenny will not shoot at first.

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After you pull the trigger a few times, a bullet will fire and Slumsley will die. It’s okay, though — his mom won’t be distraught. In fact, if you go down the path to the Slums and talk to the lady at the bottom of the ramp, she will insist that she doesn’t care about Slumsley. If you return to her after killing him, she will thank you for your actions and you can be on your way with a huge lack of consequences.