How to mute the gun in High on Life – How to shut Kenny up

Mute that constant chatter.

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High on Life is an interesting game, to say the least. The game is filled with improvisational-style comedy just like creator Justin Roiland’s show Rick and Morty. One of the main aspects of this shooter game is the talking weapons that you can obtain. Shown early on in the game’s development, Kenny is your primary pistol that your character carries around throughout the game, and boy does he love to talk. This guide will show you how to mute the gun in High on Life if he’s getting on your nerves.

How to silence the gun in High on Life

It doesn’t take long for you to find Kenny in High on Life. Shortly after the aliens arrive, you pick this talkative weapon up and go on your merry way. Throughout the game, Kenny gives you tips and makes frequent comments about the world, your gameplay style, or will even just joke about how look. After a while, Kenny can start to get annoying, especially if you find yourself stuff in the same area or if you are searching for items. Luckily, there is a way to shut him up.

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Joked about shortly after being seen, you can actually quiet the gun in High on Life and it is as simple as going into the menu. Bring up the menu and select the settings option. From there, highlight the audio selection to bring up the audio menu. Under all the audio levels, you will see options for both the enemy chatter and gun chatter.

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There are three options for each of these; Frequent, Occasional, and None. Starting out, the game will have both of these options set to Frequent, meaning that Kenny and the enemies of the world will talk fairly often. Occasional chatter gives a good balance and makes Kenny talk much less than he does normally. Of course, if you want to silence the weapon completely, select the None option and Kenny will be silent except when talking is absolutely necessary.