How to get the Faerie Stash treasure in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Channel your inner Italian plumber to find these treasures.

Image via Blizzard

Ardenweald is full of a number of hidden treasures in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The Night Fae have decided to place a number of them in convenient, yet hard-to-reach places. This is exactly how you could describe the Faerie Stash, a daily treasure containing a stash of Anima to put inside your reservoir.

There are five possible locations for the Faerie Stash, and the location resets each day. We’ll list the coordinates and location below for where you can find the chest:

  • Furrowed Glen: 42.5, 21.8
  • Darkreach: 42.5, 66.8
  • Dreamsong Fenn: 32.7, 29.9
  • Shrouded Mire: 65.3, 23.5
  • Amphitheater: 41.3, 44.7

When you locate the Faerie Stash icon on the Ardenweald map, head to the appropriate coordinates. The treasure chest will be high in the air, located out of reach. You’ll need to find the nearby Bounding Shroom to propel you high enough to reach the contents of the stash, and fortunately, the mushrooms are always in close proximity to the location of the chest.

The Faerie Stash chests will contain a few random items that transfer into your Anima Reservoir, and possibly a decent chunk of gold. If you’re in the middle of the calling quest Rare Resources, you might find one of the Coins of Brokerage you need to complete the calling. On rare occasions, you might find some equipment inside the chest.