How to Get the Firebug Achievement in Borderlands 3

Firebug Achievement Borderlands 3

The Firebug achievement is all about destroying Pretty Boy statues in Borderlands 3. To access them, you’ll need to have played through all of the game’s DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, to find them all.

You do need to purchase this DLC. You have several options available to you to buy it. When you’ve purchased it, and started the DLC, you can work toward grabbing all four the statues.

The five statues are in these locations:

  • Two are in the Spendopitican
  • One in the Impound Deluxe
  • One in Jack’s Secret
  • One in the VIP Tower

We have all of those locations mapped out for you, ready for you to check them out. After you complete them all, you’ll receive the achievement, and you’re almost to the end of the heist, too.