How to get the Harbinger legendary amulet in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Let’s face it, odds are you need your ward. It protects you from damage so you don’t need to worry about your health dropping. You should keep it up as much as possible. That is where the Harbinger amulet comes in. This legendary amulet 50% of your ward over a short period each time you activate your action skill. Never lose your ward again thanks to this handy amulet. Here is how you can get the Harbinger legendary amulet in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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Here is the bad news. This amulet is only considered to be a world drop. This means, like most legendary items in Wonderlands, that it has a chance to drop from any notable loot source in the game. Notable loot sources include things like bosses, minibosses, chests, Lucky Dice, and even normal enemies. Pretty much anything that can drop loot counts. This makes it very difficult to obtain this specific amulet. Luckily, you can still farm for it once you beat the game. Fast forward to the endgame.

Once you complete the campaign, you will gain access to the Chaos Chamber. This is the randomized dungeon hosted by the Dragon Lord inside the castle in Brighthoof where the enemies are more difficult and the loot is better. At the end of each of your Chaos Chamber runs, you will enter a loot room with a bunch of rabbit statues. You can spend the crystals you collected during your run to get loot from these rabbit statues. To make the most of the Chaos Chamber, we recommend raising your Chaos Level by completing the Chaos Trials. This will increase your chances of getting legendary gear from any source including the rabbit statues. We also recommend you do extended runs. This will get you more crystals to spend on the rabbit statues at the end of each of your runs. Spend all your crystals on the amulet rabbit statue for the greatest chance of obtaining this legendary amulet.