How To Unlock The Icarus In Rage 2

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The Icarus is an interesting flying vehicle in Rage 2. While it doesn’t offer much protection and has no offensive capabilities, it does allow you to zoom around the map very quickly. When you can just fly in a straight line to where you want to be, your travel time is cut down by a huge amount. It is also nice to have more transport options, so in this guide, we will show you how to get the Icarus.

How To Unlock The Icarus In Rage 2

Once you complete the games opening section, you will need to find three settlements. Each settlement has a main NPC attached who will give you missions and tasks to complete. You can also rank up with these NPCs by performing various feats and objectives in the game’s open world.

One of those settlements is called Lagooney, and from there you will be sent to find Dr. Kvasir. Once you have tracked him down, you can start ranking up with him. To rank up, you need to do things like finding Arks, discovering the fate of dead rangers, and scavenge Feltrite meteorites. Once you hit rank seven with Dr. Kvasir, you will unlock the Icarus.

Arks, dead rangers, and meteorites are all pretty easy to find, as they will show up on your maps when you are close to them. It should also be noted; you can summon the Icarus from your Vehicles tabs in the games inventory menu. It only costs $10 to have the Icarus appear beside you instantly. There will be some locations that will not allow you to call in the Icarus, like in the middle of settlements.

The good news is that Dr. Kvasir is the quickest NPC to rank up with, due to the nature of the early portion of the game. As such, it shouldn’t take you long to get your hands on the Icarus.