How to get the King Tut Mask in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are two major steps to getting this history-inspired headpiece.

King Tut Mask

While most eyes are on the fireworks shows and the dream suites, there are a few smaller editions in the newest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, and one of these editions in the King Tut Mask. While running in it can be a little wobbly and might cause you to trip and fall (and lose your balloon if you have one!), this piece sure makes a statement.

If you are looking for this unique historic relic, here is how to get the King Tut Mask.

Getting the DIY

Gold Digger
Image via Nintendo

To get the mask, you first need its DIY recipe. This is acquired by hitting rocks in the newest update until you strike at least one gold piece. Once a gold nugget pops out, and you pick it up, your villager will think of a new recipe. This will be the King Tut Mask.

Building the Mask

King Tut
Image via Nintendo

To acquire the mask itself, you will need to bring five gold nuggets (obtained at any time, not specifically post-update like the first one) to a DIY workbench. After you build the DIY, the mask will be yours, and you can wear it the same way you would wear a helmet.

And while it does make you a little unsteady when you run, you can still swim in it! And yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.