How to get your own Dream Address in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hello MTV and welcome to my Dream Suite.

Entering Dreamland

One of the most exciting things about the newest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is dreams. Dreams allow you to visit other players’ islands in a dream, so you are really visiting a copy of the island.

No risk of griefing on the host’s end, but you also can’t take any items home with you on the player’s end. A player does not need to be online at the time for their island to be visited in a dream.

All that said, how do you get your own Dream Suite so that friends can visit your island when they drift off? Here is how to get a dream address.

Sleeping in a bed
Image via Nintendo

First things first, you need a bed. If you don’t have one, you can either build one with a DIY or acquire one via tree shaking, Nook’s Cranny if you are lucky, or from a friend. Once you have access to a bed, when you lie down, the game will ask if you want to get some sleep. Say that you do to enter the universe of dreams.

Sharing a Dream
Image via Nintendo

Here is where you will meet the guide of the dreams, Luna. Once she makes it through her introduction, she will offer you a few menu options, but the one you want is I’d like to share a dream

The game will go through a series of warnings, making sure you are okay with your dream copy of your island being public (though privacy settings can be adjusted later) and played by other players. If you are okay with this, and your island is ready, confirm it by selecting I’m ready.

Once you confirm, you will receive a dream address that will also appear on your passport. It will be a 12-digit number that you can also share with friends or online so that others can visit your Dream Suite.

When writing out your code online, it is customary to begin the number with DA, so that it is not mistaken for a Switch friend code or custom design code.

Your dream can be updated or deleted at any time, but to keep your island up-to-date in the dream world, you must update it manually and regularly (once a day at most) to reflect those changes, as Dream Suite updates are not automated or a live feed of your island.

Is your island Dream Suite ready?