How to get the Nightstrix Plus Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

This Nargacuga gun is gnarly.

image via Capcom

Slaying is hard work in Monster Hunter, but some tools can make the job easier. If you’re a ranged player in Monster Hunter, you might want to check out this Light Bowgun crafted from a Nargacuga, the Nightstrix Plus. This weapon is seen in the later parts of the Sunbreak expansion. It’s found at Rarity level 9 on the Nargacuga tree, which branches off the Kamura weapon tree for Bowguns after the Kamura L. Bowgun III.

How to get the Nightstrix Plus Bowgun

Like most Nargacuga weapons, the biggest strength of this one is its high Affinity, which boosts the player’s chance to score Critical Hits and deal extra damage. There is also a tier 2 gem slot and a tier 1 Rampage slot as well for slotting in more abilities with gems. If you’re on the lookout for a good all-rounder weapon that deals straight physical damage, look for this one in particular.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Bowgun can be crafted at Master Rank 3 or higher with 52,000 Zenii, a Nargacuga Mantle, and three Malzeno Hardfangs, and then any Master Rank Nargacuga materials that equate to 15 points to complete the recipe. It will need to be upgraded along the Nargacuga tree of Light Bowguns as you progress naturally. As this weapon is Rarity 9, the amount of materials needed to follow the progression path is hefty, but you will typically be collecting these materials in an organic matter as you upgrade and change weapons throughout your Hunting career.