How to get the obsidian fishing rod in Sea of Thieves

Obtain a rare gift this leap year weekend

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The obsidian fishing rod is a rare appearance item you can receive in Sea of Thieves. Previously, the only way to get it was by obtaining it on Dec. 16, 2019, from the Calendar of Giving, which was an advert Calendar-type event in the game. However, you now have the chance to obtain it once more by taking part in a special event from Feb. 29 to Mar. 2. 

You have from Feb. 29 at 10am GMT to Mar. 1 at 10am GMT to receive the obsidian fishing rod by tuning in to watch specific Twitch streamers, for 30 minutes. If you watch the streams for the given time, you receive the item through your Twitch drops, and you can send it back to your account to redeem in the game. You only have 24 hours to watch any of the select streamers.

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Image via Rare

None of the streamers on the list of a predetermined time they plan to broadcast themselves playing the game. You may need to run through the list to find one playing it. Once you do, you can have it running in the background until the 30 minutes times out. You do need to link your Twitch account to your Sea of Thieves account to ensure you receive your reward.

The event will be quick, so make sure to tune in on the special day to obtain your prize. Those who tune in on the second day receive the Ebon Flintlock. The entire event takes place from Feb. 29 to Mar. 2, but the obsidian fishing rod is only available from Feb. 29 to Mar. 1 and the Ebon Flintlock pistol is available from Mar. 1 to 2.