How to get the Pirate Skin pack in New World – Swashbuckler skin

Turn yourself into a pirate in New World.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For a limited time, New World players have the chance to obtain a Pirate Skin appearance pack that they can equip while wearing any of their preferred equipment during their adventure. The Pirate Skin is an exclusive offer for free and is available until November 1. This guide will break down the quickest way to grab the Pirate Skin pack and access it in-game.

You need to visit this link through Prime Gaming to access it. First, you will need an Amazon to visit this page. Once you’ve created the Amazon account, visit the link, click on the ‘Apparel Skin’ on the first option, the pirate skin, and try to claim it. The pack should come with a Swashbuckler Skin, a Pirate Stance emote, and 5,000 Marks of Fortune. Next, a window will pop up where you will have to connect your Game Account with your Amazon Prime account.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to connect the game account you use with your Amazon. Then, when asked, you’ll need to log into your Steam account through the page, and once those connected, you can then hit claim. If you’re playing New World right now, we recommend restarting the game and then loading it back up for the items to go into your account.

A second pack will be available on October 12.