How to get the Plunder in the Sunken Ship Star in Super Mario 64

Down in the deep.

Super Mario 3D All Stars

Image via Nintendo

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Super Mario 3D All Stars will see a lot of new players experiencing some classic games for the first time, or maybe your memory is a bit hazy from when you played these classics the first time around. Either way, you may find this guide on how to get the Plunder in the Sunken Skip star from Super Mario 64’s Jolly Rodger Bay helpful.

To get the Plunder in the Sunken Ship Star in Mario 64, you will need to swim all the way to the bottom in Jolly Rodger Bay. Here, you will find a sunken ship, but don’t try to swim inside it yet. You’ll first need to tease a massive ill into leaving so that you can get inside. Swim close to the eel, then head for the surface. The eel will leave and you can swim back down to the ship again and go inside.

Now, there are four chests, and you need to open them in a specific order. If you do it wrong, you will need to start again. You don’t need to reset anything, it will just happen automatically if you make a mistake.

Open the chests in the following order:

  • The raise platform on the far right
  • On the left, nearest the door that you used to enter
  • On the left, far from the door
  • In the middle

Because Mario is an S-Tier plumber, this will cause the water in the room to drain. Now, jump up on the platforms to get the block at the top and you will receive the Plunder in the Sunken Ship Star.