Ingredients Required To Make Luck Potion in Dark And Darker
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How to get the Potion of Luck in Dark and Darker

Time to get lucky.

Getting valuable loot is an essential part of any dungeon. That’s why the Potion of Luck in Dark and Darker plays a substantial role in getting more valuable items as you go. If you want to feel lucky, getting one together can help your dungeoneering go more smoothly. While just finding one is fine, making one is ultimately more reliable. After all, if you’ve made one, you can always make more. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get the Potion of Luck in Dark and Darker, whether you want to make or find it yourself.

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What does the Potion of Luck do in Dark and Darker?

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The Potion of Luck in Dark and Darker is a consumable that you can use in any dungeon. It grants the user a time-based boost to luck that lasts for 30 minutes. Stat-wise, your luck is raised by 10 during this time, so even if you’re incredibly unlucky, this will at least even things out for a while.

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Luck directly impacts the loot you gain during dungeon drops. If you want better items, this is the way to go so that you have maximum yield. To make yourself a Potion of Luck, you’ll need to bring all the necessary ingredients to an Alchemy Station.

How To Make the Potion of Luck in Dark and Darker

To make a Potion of Luck for yourself, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 Glowing Eyeball
  • 1 Spider Silk
  • 1 Nightshade

You’ll have to do a bit of searching about in dungeons to find these materials. Each material can be found through specific drops and chests:

  • You can find Glowing Eyeballs in Corrupted Skeleton chests. To get yourself in the neighborhood of where those are, go to places like the Shadowlands, the Corrupted Forest, and the Cursed Swamp.
  • To get some Spider’s Silk, that one’s pretty obvious: kill spiders. If you are having trouble finding some, try crawling around in the Spider Cave, Poison Ivy Forest, and Abandoned Mine.
  • If you want the final ingredient, Nightshade, you’ll need to get some Poison Ivy Plants. These are found in the Swamplands, the Shadowlands, and The Poison Ivy Forest.

Once you have your Luck Potion all ready to go (or more than one if you plan on drinking them one after another like it’s a Friday evening) then, there are a few things to remember:

  • Luck Potions do not stack. Any bonus you get from them will always be 10, no more, no less, and there’s no way to extend that potion duration time. If you want more luck, find more potions.
  • Luck Potions do not increase the likelihood of finding legendary items, which are in a category all their own.
  • Luck Potions can’t help you find crafting materials. That luck of the draw is isolated from the Luck stat.

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