How to download Dark and Darker through BlackSmith & Chaf Games Launcher

Dark and Darker is available for players to purchase and enjoy, but there is a catch. This guide will explain how to download Dark and Darker via the BlackSmith and Chaf Game Launcher.

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Dark and Darker is the challenging multiplayer fantasy game from Ironmace, which became extremely popular on Steam during its playtest and early days. However, due to legal issues, the game was delisted from Steam, and since then, players have been wondering if they will be able to experience the game or if it would come out at all.

Now, after many months, the game has returned, and players can jump in and give the game a try, but not without doing a little legwork. The game is still not on Steam, but thanks to a new partnership, Dark and Darker is available for players to purchase, and we’ve put together this guide with all the details on where and how you can download Dark and Darker.

How to Download Dark and Darker

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Dark and Darker can only be purchased and downloaded via the official Ironmace website or Chaf Games. To download the game via the official website, you’ll need to head over to the site, create an account, and download their launcher, the Blacksmith. Once you have done that, you can purchase the game and download it via the launcher.

As for the Chaf Games Launcher, you’ll need to head to Chaf Games and download their dedicated launcher, and create an account there. Once that is done, you should be able to purchase the game via their launcher. Chaf Games is typically a subscription-based service similar to Xbox Game Pass, and as far as we know, Dark and Darker is the only title you can directly purchase.

The game is currently unavailable on Steam due to legal issues surrounding the game.

What Versions of Dark and Darker are Available?

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There are two versions of Dark and Darker available for purchase on both storefronts, each with some extra perks for players. These editions are as follows.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is nothing too fancy but does come with some extra goodies. In this version of the game, you’ll get

  • Full game access
  • Early Access
  • 5 x Bluestone Shard

Bluestone Shards are a helpful material in Dark and Darker you can use to purchase items and enhance your character, giving you a nice bump when you start the game. This version will cost players $35.

Founder’s Edition: Hold the Line

This edition is a little more pricey but comes with quite a few extras that players may want to get their hands on. In this version of the game, you’ll get everything from the previous edition, as well as:

  • Test Access
  • Skeleton Race (Exclusive)
  • Item Skin: Blue Torch (Exclusive)
  • Hold the Line Emote

The test access is the main attraction of this edition as it gives you access to test out future features before anyone else and provide feedback as the developer continues to improve on the games. Additionally, the Skeleton race gives you another way to experience the game with its own quirks, with the emote and item skin giving you some extra flair while exploring. This edition will cost you $50.