How to get the Red Hellion in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Think you’re fast? Not fast enough.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Do you like to move fast? Have you got a need for speed? If so, you might want to get your hands on the Red Hellion legendary shotgun. This shotgun is great and acts much like the Butcher in Borderlands 3 but with a big difference. This weapon increases the number of bullets it fires depending on how fast you are moving. This can lead to some incredible damage numbers if you can run fast enough. Here is how you can get the Red Hellion in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Red Hellion, like many of the legendary items in the Wonderlands, is a world drop. This means that it is able to drop from any notable loot source in the game. Notable loot sources are things like bosses, minibosses, chests, and Lucky Dice. Pretty much anything that can drop loot is a notable loot source. Luckily, there is an area that has a higher chance to drop this item and that area is Tangledrift.

You won’t be able to reach Tangledrift right away. You will need to progress through the campaign to the point where you can go to Wargtooth Shallows. Near the entrance to the area, you will find a magic bean with the Walk the Stalk quest. Follow this quest and it will take you to Tangledrift. Once there, locate the Ancient Obelisk. It can be found near the What’s Left of Driftwood fast travel point. You can farm the Obsidian Wyvern which is the miniboss of the obelisk. This enemy has a higher chance of dropping the Red Hellion than other enemies in the game. Remember, if you are going to farm legendary items, you will want to raise your Loot Luck stat first.