How to get the Repairer Trophy in Resident Evil Village – Wooden animal part locations

Put it all together.

Completionists will want to get every trophy in Resident Evil Village, including the Repairer Trophy. This is actually a fairly easy trophy to get, but players will need to be aware of some important pieces of information first.

To get the Repairer Trophy, players need to build any “Combinable” item in the game. These are special treasure items that players can find while playing through the game, and they can be combined together to make a new item. The new item can then be sold to the Duke for a much higher amount of Lei, the game’s in-world currency.

The item pieces must first be collect in the world, then combined in the menus to get the trophy. Below is a full list of all combinable items, and what they make. Players will need to ensure they do not sell these items to the Duke before using them, so make sure to check for the “Combinable” tab before selling.

PartsFinished Item
Azure Eye
Silver Ring 
Azure Eye Ring
Wooden Animal (Head)
Wooden Animal (Body) 
Wooden Goat
Madalina (Head)
Madalina (Body)
Miss Madalina
Necklace with Two Holes
Pigeon Blood Stone 
Large Pigeon Blood Stone 
Dimitrescu’s Necklace
Mechanical Part (Cylinder)
Mechanical Part (Shaft)
Heisenberg’s Hammer

We suggest building Dimitrescu’s Necklace, as the parts are easy to get after working through some time gates in the campaign, and it does not get locked off and inaccessible at any point.