What to do with the Necklace with Two Holes in Resident Evil Village

All the bits and pieces.

The Necklace with Two Holes is a combinable item in Resident Evil Village. This means it can be combined with a number of other items to create a new item of extremely high value. This item can then be sold to the Duke for a large sum of Lei.

In this guide, we will show you where to find all the parts that you need, and the Necklack with Two Holes itself. Some of the parts need late game items to get them, so don’t expect to get your hands on these too soon into the campaign.

Necklace with Two Holes Location

The Necklace with Two Holes can be found in a well beside the building with the blue trim on the right side of the Graveyard in the Village. This is the build where players will find the Maiden Crest Early in the campaign. Players will need the Well Wheel to get the Necklace with Two Holes.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

The Pigeon Blood Ruby will be available after players have defeated Moreau and returned to the village. The Pigeon Blood Ruby can be found behind a mechanic door in East Old Town in the Village. Players will need to use the crank they got from Moreau’s area to open the gate.

Open the gate, walk forward to the ladder and climb up, then turn left along the ledge. Drop down onto the small shed roof and open the box to find the Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

Make your way to the Lone Road, then drop down to the river on the right. Use the crank to lower the bridge, then go across to the jetty with the boat. Head upriver, in the direction the boat is facing until you reach a jetty. Drop down the next bridge using the crank. Go across to the house, go inside, and out the back window. Use the Well Wheel at the well, then climb down the ladder to find a mineshaft.

Climb up the platform, the press the two white buttons to make them green and raise the last of the platforms. Push both carts and use the one that drops as a ladder onto the last remaining platform. Jump down the hole and you can grab the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Combine all three parts in your Inventory to create the Dimitescu Necklace, which can be sold to the Duke for 50,000 Lei.