How to get the Scorpion Gun in Halo Infinite

The key to your LASO run.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite is a game packed with hidden easter eggs and fun weapons. Yet, those were believed to be mutually exclusive until now. Players discovered that the third mission of the campaign features a secret weapon. This isn’t just any gun — it’s a handheld version of the Scorpion Tank’s cannon.

The weapon in question is located inside Outpost Tremonius. However, you can only obtain it during mission three. If you come back later, the gun will not be there. Unfortunately, that means you’ll need to grab it on your next playthrough if you have progressed further in the campaign.

Where to find the Scorpion Gun

First, you will have to progress through the mission until you walk outside, marking the first time you are visibly on the ring in Halo Infinite. The mission will then have you walk up the right side of a hill towards a ship waiting to pick you up. However, there will be enemies trying to kill you, so it’s best to clear them out before grabbing the gun.

Once you have cleared the enemies, use your grappling hook to climb up the wall pictured below. This wall should be directly behind the ship/objective marked on your map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Next, you will be faced with the two cannons pictured below. Make sure that you climb the one on the right. The left cannon is merely there for decoration and has nothing for you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have climbed the right cannon, you will want to stand like in the picture below. If you are standing on the right barrel of the right cannon, you will see a prompt that says Pick Up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tips for using the Scorpion Gun

  • The gun has unlimited ammo and will one-shot almost any enemy, making it useful for LASO or Legendary runs of the campaign.
  • The bullets fired from this gun appear to shoot from your feet. Therefore, if you are on a slant or have your feet blocked, you must jump to shoot up.
  • You can not melee, mantle, or use grenades when holding it. Thankfully, you can carry another gun and use that during traversal or times where grenades/melee are needed.
  • Do not drop it at any point. If you drop the weapon, it is gone forever.

It’s important to point out that this may be a glitch that developer 343 has yet to patch as of this writing. Therefore, you should quickly use the gun to obtain your Legendary or LASO achievements in the chance it gets removed.