How to Get the Six Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves

Six Flames of Fate Sea of Thieves

The Fort of the Damned is a massive raid in Sea of Thieves. You and a full crew are interested in tackling the most challenging fort in the game. However, you can’t find it on the map and enter it. You need to do several tasks to activate it. The first thing to do is to acquire six Flames of Fate, which you can get when you die. You need to die in a specific way for each flame, though.

Obtaining The Six Flames of Fate

Each flame of fate is different. To have the flame of fate activate in the afterlife. These are the six flames:

  • Red Flame – Flame of Fire, dying to flames
  • Pink Flame – Flame of Pirates, dying to a player
  • Green Flame – Flame of Skellies, dying to skeletons
  • White Flame – Flame of Lightning, dying to a lightning strike
  • Blue Flame – Flame of Sharks, dying to sharks
  • Purple Flame – Flame of Snakes, dying to a snake

The hardest flames are the Pirate and Lightning. The other flames are pretty easy to acquire, and you may even obtain them during your travels in grabbing the two hardest flames. To earn the Flame of Pirates, you need to perish to an enemy player, and the Flame of Lightning is given to you if you die to a lightning strike. You may want to grab the lightning strike first because if it takes a while for someone on your crew to die to a lightning strike, you might lose your ship during a terrible storm. When that happens, and you have the other five flames, that could demoralize everyone pretty fast because you need to start over.

The other four, Flame of Fire, Pirates, Sharks, and Snakes, are something you can visit one of the many islands in Sea of Thieves to add to your collection. If you’re having trouble locating sharks, you may want to visit any notable shipwrecks you encounter during your travels. They frequent these locations and others, such as Megalodon and naval battles. You want to avoid searching for them in calm waters, though.

Adding the Flame of Fate to Your Lantern

When you die and spawn in on the Ferry of the Damned, take your lantern out of your inventory and unlight it. Approach the Well of Fate at the center of the Ferry of the Damned and accept the Flame of Fate. Your lantern should now be the color of the task you completed. When you return to your ship, choose one of the lamps on your ship to extinguish and place your new flame there. You need your boat to carry all six Flames of Fate.

Those who grab the more difficult tasks, such as for the Pink and White flame, may choose not to do the other tasks because exchanging flames removes them from the character’s lanterns. The flames remain the same color even if you put the lantern away in your inventory. You won’t be able to relight them on your ship if any lamps go out. You’re better off having other crew members take care of the smaller tasks.

When your ship contains all six of the Flames of Fate inside of the lamps, you’re ready to go looking for the Ritual Skull.