How to get the special-edition Kinokuniya Z23 skin for Azur Lane

It’s going to require seven days of play to unlock.

Azur Lane

Go, z23, go! (Image grab via CD Japan.)

Mobile side-scrolling action game Azur Lane has recently teamed up with U.S. store Kinokuniya, which specializes in Japanese imports of books, manga, and magazines. As part of the collaboration between the game’s developers and the store, a new promotion is available that allows players of the game to pick up a special edition skin for Z23. It starts on Feb. 20 and runs until March 5.

The skin itself is a cool art-themed skin, sporting a black beret with blue and red ribbons and a black apron over a white dress to keep all of the attire together. It’s a fetching look, and one that is very apt for Azur Lane.

Image via Azur Lane Official

To obtain the special-edition attire, you will need to log in and play the game for at least 7 days to fulfill the requirements. 

Each day, Commanders will unlock a drawing mission for you to complete. Log in to receive it, and then complete them to count as progress towards each mission. Once you have completed drawing missions for 7 days, you will unlock the Z23 special attire. 

You should not be required to complete the drawing missions on consecutive days, so don’t worry if you forget to complete a mission on a consecutive day. However, the skin is only obtainable during the event period, so if you log on the game before or after the event, you will no longer be able to obtain the special edition Kinokuniya X Azur Lane skin for Z23.