How to get the Tech Points in ETO Bank Construction Site in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can’t climb up to it.

There are several tech points scattered all over London in Watch Dogs: Legion, and you want to rack up them up to increase the number of upgrades you can unlock on your various operatives. You can naturally unlock a good amount of tech points by playing the campaign or exploring, but a handful of them are in unique places. One of these locations is the ETO Bank Construction Site in Camden.

Before entering the location, keep in mind it’s a restricted area. Clan Kelley runs it, so if you have a recruit with the Clan Kelley appearance or a construction worker outfit, it doesn’t hurt to have them lead the charge inside the area. The construction site is a large area where if you choose to scale it, the tech point will still be out of reach when you reach the top. You won’t climb to the top to reach it, so you need to hijack one of the construction drones moving through the area.

However, if you have a recruit with a construction outfit and the cargo drone, you can have them summon one from the start. If you don’t have a cargo drone you can summon, there should be a cargo drone pad you can summon one from, or there should be one flying around.

Bring the cargo drone to your recruit’s location and have them up hop on top. From there, it’s all a matter of reaching the top of the construction site, jumping off the platform, and grabbing the tech points. Clan Kelley members in the area won’t take kindly to seeing a drone flying around, so you may want to remove them or move quickly enough to where they don’t notice you flying around.